Heather Mulholland and Tom Mulholland, Heather's father, walk through an orchard. Photo courtesy Sunkist.

Sunkist Growers has highlighted the Mulholland family in its latest addition to the multimedia series that introduces consumers to growers in the cooperative.

The Mulhollands were the first to grow and market Murcott mandarins in California, according to a news release. The family grows citrus in Orange Cove, Calif.

Sunkist Family Stories features include video, written information about the grower, photos of the family, and a graphic that shows where operation is located.

“Highlighting Sunkist’s commitment to quality and authenticity, our farm-to-table stories resonate with consumers all over the world,” director of communications Joan Wickham said in the release. “We are proud to share the values and legacy of Sunkist’s history through our Sunkist Family Stories and are thrilled to now feature the Mulhollands’ story as part of the growing program.”

Sunkist recently launched its Sunkist Delite mandarin program, which is underway now.