SunWest Fruit expanding solarSunWest Fruit Co. plans to expand its Pickett Solar installation to roughly triple its original size.

The Parlier, Calif.-based grower-shipper is adding a 2-megawatt project that will bring its total offset of electricity to 72%, SunWest Fruit president Martin Britz said in a news release.

The addition to an existing system is expected to bring its overall size to 2.9 megawatts, with 9,576 solar panels. That will offset about 3.9 million kilowatt hours annually, the equivalent of 490 homes.

Pickett Solar a division of Fresno, Calif.-based Don Pickett &amp Associates has done solar projects for clients including Fowler Packing Co., Cook Land Co., Mid Valley Packaging &amp Supply and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Site constraints required rooftop installation, carried out in the initial phase after determining the roof could support the system, according to Mike Pickett, president of Pickett Solar.

SunWest grows, packs and ships peaches, plums, nectarines, pluots, oranges and mandarins. It has a sustainability certification for its farming operations from Protected Harvest.