Domex Superfresh Growers says Pink Lady apples are ideal for Valentine's Day promotions. ( Domex Superfresh Growers )

With their pink skin and sweet tart flavor, Pink Lady apples are great for Valentine’s Day promotions, according to Yakima, Wash.-based Domex Superfresh Growers.

IRI data shows Pink Lady apples are up 3.4% in dollars over last year and up 8% in volume, with a consistent ranking among top apples nationwide, according to a news release.

Superfresh Growers suggests cross-merchandising the variety with savory ingredients like onion, chilis and pink peppercorns; cheeses such as Monterey Jack or Boursin, and rosé wine for a pink-themed display.

Pink Lady is available year-round from Superfresh in 2-pound organic pouch bags and 3-pound conventional pouch bags, according to the release. 

The company expects the variety to grow by more than 50% in conventional and organic over the next five years.