The produce business in Philadelphia may never have been healthier than it is today.

Some say the six-year-old Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market has something to do with that.

“Basically, we’ve got a very competitive market here,” said Mike Maxwell, president of Philadelphia-based distributor Procacci Bros.

“We have the brand-new facility that treats product better than any other market in the country. It’s easy access from all major interstates in the area. The market is clean and everybody is very willing to do business. The market sells up and down the East Coast. Basically, we have 28 different owners and vendors.”

The new market is an asset, said Tom Curtis, president of Tom Curtis Produce Inc. in Philadelphia.

“I have to say, the market is very aggressive,” he said.

“They have tours through here every day. They’re doing everything they can to promote the market. Once people are here, they see the cleanliness of the facility. This is very exceptional.”

From a product quality standpoint, the market functions ideally, Curtis said.

“The cold chain is never broken,” he said. “You can see longevity in the product. You can hear if it comes — the time it’s in perfect condition has been lengthened quite a bit.”

Stephen Secamiglio, partner in wholesaler Colonial Produce, agreed.

“It’s phenomenal,” he said. “With the dock plates moving electronically, it saves you hours a day. Having dock doors is a big plus.”

The market’s cleanliness and efficiencies are among its chief assets, said Tom Kovacevich, president of TMK Produce in Philadelphia.

“The Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market is really an amazing place. The sheer volume of produce and variety is enough to bring out the buyer in anyone who loves selling produce,” he said.

TMK alone has more than 2,000 pallets in stock daily, Kovacevich said.

“Buyers love walking the safe and cold-chain-protected environment,” he said.

“Clean and efficient, the market is a wonderful place to trade produce for both the customers and the vendors.”