The new Hagan 2 sweet potato packing line at Southern Produce Distributors has a computerized sizer allowing the company to sort for shape and weight. ( Photo courtesy Southern Produce Distributors )

Sweet potato company Southern Produce Distributors has a new packing line that doubles efficiency, with a computerized sizer that ensures consistent shape and weight.

The Hagan 2, which has five lanes, runs simultaneously with the company’s original packing line at the Faison, N.C., warehouse.

“The Hagan optical heads are ideal for the way we pack our produce,” operations manager Heath Johnsey said in a news release. “It allows Southern Produce to fit any package size that’s required by any customer. With the Hagan 2, we can sort from the smallest to the largest sweet potato that may fit customers’ needs.”

The line has been packing since the first of the year. It has a box scale system allowing for precise weighing and real-time adjustability, according to the release.



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I couldn't find a website or other information on the web about Hagan, which is odd. I'd contact Southern Produce Distributors for more information.

Chris Koger

News Editor

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