( Courtesy of Next Big Thing )

Members of the Wenatchee, Wash.-based Next Big Thing Growers’ Cooperative estimate that the 2019 crop of SweeTango Apples will be high-quality with a range of sizes and abundant conventional and organic availability.

SweeTango is an early-season variety with harvest slated to begin late August, according to a news release. The western region of the U.S. begins harvest first, with the Midwest, East and then eastern Canada picking shortly afterward.

Annual Nielsen scan data consistently ranks SweeTangos in the top 10 of all apples sold during its peak season of September to November, according to the release.

Estimates point to a volume slightly larger than 2018 as well as the five-year average, with the organic crop yield continuing to increase year over year. 

“Minimal weather events have been reported from growing regions to date, although a wetter-than-normal spring in some areas could result in minor russeting,” Jennifer Parkhill, executive director of Next Big Thing, said in the release. “A range of fruit sizes will be available to support strong early-season bulk and bagged apple sales.”

High-graphic 2-pound SweeTango pouches will again be offered this season.

The Next Big Thing is the grower cooperative that grows SweeTangos.

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