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The USMCA received a warm and fuzzy reaction from industry members Dec. 10.

From the inbox, more on USMCA:

Tom Nassif, Western Growers president and CEO: “Western Growers applauds the Administration and a strong, bipartisan contingent of congressional representatives for their diligent work in producing an outstanding trade agreement for American agriculture. We commend President Trump, Ambassador Lighthizer, Ambassador Doud and the Administration’s team for their success in renegotiating NAFTA and securing freer and fairer trade opportunities for our country. In this turbulent trade environment, American farmers need certainty more than ever. The USMCA not only reaffirms our strong economic ties with our North American neighbors, it offers a new model for how U.S. trade deals should be structured in the future.

“For the fruit, vegetable and tree nut industry, this deal ensures continued access to our top two export markets while making much-needed sanitary-phytosanitary (SPS) updates that will improve our defenses against devastating pests and diseases. Additionally, the USMCA achieves groundbreaking labor reforms, requiring Mexico to substantially improve its wages and labor standards, which will improve the competitiveness of our domestic growers in an increasingly global marketplace.

“We appreciate the commitment both parties have demonstrated in setting aside their political differences and negotiating this agreement in good faith. The result is a deal that addresses the concerns of all sides and will enhance economic opportunities for businesses across the country. We urge Congress to quickly approve this agreement and deliver a victory for American farmers.
“Finally, we are hopeful that this spirit of bipartisan cooperation between the Administration and Congress will extend into other public policy debates impacting the agriculture industry, including the need to resolve the labor crisis facing our nation’s farms.”


 Richard Owen, vice president of global membership and engagement for the Produce Marketing Association: "Now that the U.S., Canada and Mexico have agreed on revised terms of the USMCA, the Produce Marketing Association encourages the U.S. Congress to take up the agreement and pass it as quickly as possible. The new agreement offers trading certainty that the market has been looking for over the past year. The fresh produce industries in all three countries depend upon a consistent supply of products as demanded by consumers. Passing this agreement before the end of the year will show bi-partisan support for free and fair trade that is crucial to meeting consumer demand for safe, healthy and affordable products."

Lance Jungmeyer, president of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas: "“We urge all House and Senate members to vote “yes” for the USMCA.  Bipartisan support is crucial in ensuring that there is stability for U.S. companies involved in trade. This is crucial for the economic growth of all of North America. We appreciate the hard work from Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Neal, and Ambassador Lighthizer in addressing the concerns that now clear the way for passage of this important trade agreement.”

“We are excited to see what the next 25 years will bring within the new framework of the USMCA.  So many improvements were adopted to better leverage North American cooperation and collaboration, and that type of close working relationship is what has made the U.S., Canada, and Mexico the strongest trading block in the world. The USMCA is the right agreement to bring us into the 21st century and beyond.  I look forward to broad, bipartisan support to pass the agreement.” 

Rachel Roberts, president of the American Mushroom Institute. “The American Mushroom Institute is pleased for its members that the free flow of trade across Canadian and Mexican borders will continue to foster beneficial business opportunities in meeting the ever-increasing demand for Mushrooms across North America. 
Demand and supply, innovation and resources, history and future have always and will continue to shape the growth and direction of the mushroom industry, and mushroom growers are glad for the addition of some certainty to the mix of market forces with the agreement of this legislation.”