Packer Interview - Craig Carlson Oct 25
( The Packer )

The Packer’s Tom Karst visits with Craig Carlson of Carlson Produce Consulting Oct. 25 about the just-concluded 2019 Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit. 

Carlson, a 30-year veteran of PMA expos, said one thing that caught his eye was the growth of indoor farming companies at the show. Those firms are capitalizing on the appeal of local produce relative to metropolitan regions, and emphasizing the operations use less water, less land and less fuel than traditional farming operations. What does the future hold for indoor farming companies?

“They are really checking a lot of boxes that I think is exciting,” Carlson said. “My concern about this is that most everybody is throwing money at the same idea,” he said, noting that indoor companies may need to expand their range beyond leafy greens.