( Courtesy Tasteful Selections )

As part of its ongoing 10-year anniversary, Tasteful Selections is focusing on the diverse flavors and recipes of its potato products.

“Owning the entire planting, growing, harvesting and packaging process ensures our high standards of quality, flavor, freshness,” Tim Huffcutt, vice president of sales and marketing operations, said in a news release.

The company attributes its success to partnerships, innovation and its bite-size potatoes.

“Over the years, we have partnered with chefs, recipe developers and influencers to create appetizing meals that enhance the enduring flavor of our potatoes,” Huffcutt said in the release. “In our next theme, we are challenging consumers to expand their taste buds with our potatoes. Try new recipes and new varieties with us.”

Consumers have a chance to win prizes such as a spice rack, gourmet salt sampler collection and Tasteful Selection products. The company is also continuing its potato giveaway on Instagram.

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