This cooler is a prize consumers can win from Tasteful Selections. ( Courtesy Tasteful Selections )

For August, Arvin, Calif.-based Tasteful Selections celebrates its rebrand as part of its 10-year anniversary campaign.

With multiple facility and acreage expansions from 2010 to 2018, Tasteful Selections grew to meet consumer demand toward convenience items and smaller pack sizes of bite-sized potatoes.

In 2018, Tasteful Selections re-branded itself, including a packaging redesign involving more than 100 stock-keeping units and the introduction of mini sweet and bite-size round potato Season & Savor trays.

Consumers can win prizes, including a cooler, Tasteful Selections swag and free bite-size potatoes.

The 10th-Day Instagram Giveaway continues, with free potatoes going to two winners on the 10th of every month in 2020.

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