Taylor Farms employees and Labor of Love representatives came to a romaine field in Watsonville, Calif., to surprise a 34-person automated harvesting crew with breakfast burritos during a morning break in late August.

Each crew member received a thank-you letter from Taylor Farms along with a $20 Wal-Mart gift card, according to a news release.

A project of the Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association, Labor of Love is committed to random acts of kindness. The program will continue through September, highlighting different farmworkers and their companies each week.

"Labor of Love is dedicated to thanking farmworkers for their service to the agriculture industry within our community," Jenna Hanson Abramson, owner of Mavelle Media, said in the release. "We've had the opportunity to thank thousands of fieldworkers and share their stories with millions, way beyond Yuma and the Salinas Valley. It feels great to be able to partner with companies like Taylor Farms to show gratitude for these men and women because they work so hard and are always so appreciative when we surprise them in the fields."

"At Taylor Farms people are the key to our success," Christina Barnard, director of marketing for Taylor Farms Retail, said in the release. "Showing appreciation and support for their dedication and hard work is the foundation of our family culture."

The automated romaine harvester was introduced by Taylor Farms in 2009 to provide an ergonomically correct working environment.