( Courtesy Terra Exports )

Terra Exports, Las Vegas, has opened a Central and South American division in Colombia.

The company tripled sales of tropical fruit in 2018, according to a news release, leading to the new division.

When the company opened the Colombian office in January, Ana Milena Pereira Gallego, who heads the office, reported that Terra Exports saw tropical fruit sales jumped 200%, according to the release.

The company plans to source from other countries, including Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Brazil. Fruit includes pitahaya (dragon fruit), mangoes, pineapples, bananas, limes, papayas, watermelons, honeydew melons, and vegetables including snow peas and sugar snap peas.

“Our customers are very happy, and we are partnering with the best growers around Central and South America to ensure we maintain close relationships to our customers,” Pereira said in the release. “We will continue to create new opportunities to offer new products into new regions at the best prices.”

The company has six divisions handling fresh produce on six continents, according to the release.