Grow Farms seeks its niche

Grow Farms Texas LLC, Donna, Texas, is making steady progress as it seeks out its place in the produce industry, said Tommy Wilkins, director of sales and business development.

Wilkins first set out to find the right growers for the company and then focused on food safety documentation.

Grow Farms’ product line includes green, red and napa cabbage; squash, eggplant, cucumbers and jalapeño, serrano and Anaheim chili peppers.

Wilkins hinted at new product offerings, some of which might be in the value-added category, he said.

The company is also on the lookout for additional growers in Mexico.


Rio Fresh adds organics

Rio Fresh Inc., San Juan, Texas, has added organic cello-pack vegetables and organic onions, said Taylor Schuster, sales manager.

Offerings include kale, beets, parsley, cilantro, bunch broccoli and cabbage.

The onion line includes red, yellow and sweet. All commodities are grown in Texas.


Val Verde boosts product line

Val Verde Vegetable Co. Inc., McAllen, Texas, has added local bunched radishes and hard squashes this year and has expanded its organic program by 40 acres, said Frank Schuster, president.

The company offers broccoli, limes and carrots out of Mexico year-round, and its Mexico department is working to add celery and cauliflower to the mix, Schuster said.

The company has offered carton cabbage out of Mexico since September and will transition to Texas cabbage around Nov. 20.