( Courtesy Texas Valley Citrus Committee )

The Texas Valley Citrus Committee is seeking producer and handler nominees.

Two handler and alternate spots and three producer and alternate spots need to be filled. The members serve three-year terms, which start in August, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which oversees marketing orders.

The committee has scheduled a nomination and budget meeting for noon June 4, at the TexaSweet Building in Mission, Texas. For those interested in participating, or with questions about serving on the committee, should call 956-581-2190.

“The TVCC plays an important role in ensuring producers and handlers get the best price for their products,” Ted Prukop, manager of the Texas Valley Citrus Committee, said in a news release. “We are always looking for new growers to sit on the committee to create diversity and bring in some new energy.”

The group’s chairman, Dennis Holbrook, grows organic citrus and other at South Tex Organics, also encouraged industry members to be involved with the committee, which sets size, grades and other standards.

“Without enforceable standards, any and all citrus could be shipped, making it difficult to get the best price available for high-quality Texas citrus,” Holbrook said in the release. “Our citrus marketing order helps create a level playing field.”