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Austin, Texas, health officials are investigating an outbreak of Cyclospora infections.

As of Aug. 5, there were 82 cases involved in the outbreak being investigated by Austin Public Health, according to a news release from the City of Austin.

Although a source hasn’t been found, previous outbreaks have been traced to fresh fruits and vegetables. The health agency covers Austin-Travis County.

Most cases in past outbreaks have been traced to imported items; but in 2018, salads with U.S.-grown ingredients that Fresh Express supplied to McDonald’s locations were named in an outbreak.

The earliest onset of symptoms was June 1, according to the release from the City of Austin. There typically is a week from the point of infection until symptoms are exhibited, according to the release.

“While we may be in COVID-19 season, we cannot forget the other diseases and infections that are commonly present in our community,” Janet Pichette, Austin Public Health chief epidemiologist, said in the release. “And as we have said time and time again, there are ways to prevent many of these diseases and infections, including Cyclosporiasis – thoroughly wash fresh produce, wash your hands after handling fruits and vegetables, and separate produce from raw meat and seafood.”

The Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to investigate an outbreak of 641 Cyclospora infections in 11 states; Texas is not involved in that outbreak. Salads from a Fresh Express facility have been linked to that outbreak.

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