Activity is increasing at Index Fresh's Pharr, Texas, 60,000-square-foot facility six months after its opening. ( Photo courtesy Index Fresh )

Six months after opening, the Pharr, Texas, Index Fresh avocado facility is seeing increased activity as it handles more loads destined for the Midwest, Northeast and the Western U.S.

The 60,000-square-foot facility is one of five pre-conditioning facilities the Riverside, Calif.-based Index Fresh has in the U.S. Others are in California, Iowa, Ohio and Pennsylvania; the company also has distribution centers in Colorado and Illinois.

“The bagging and repacking in the facility have increased in the last few months,” Manrique Palacios, Pharr distribution center manager, said in a news release. “Our ripening process has been successfully implemented, meeting our customers’ needs and expectations.”

Avocados at the facility arrive through the nearby Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge. The proximity is helping Index Fresh expand its Mexican avocado program.

“Mexico is a year-round source and we bring all of our Mexican products through Pharr,” Dana Thomas, Index Fresh president, said in the release. “It’s an integral part of our operation. We use it for staging, for shipping loads into the Midwest, Northeast and the West.”

The facility has 2,600 pallet positions, 10 ripening rooms and three bagging machines.

“We are performing an analysis to enhance our bagging capacity for the next season and working on business development to expand our ripening volume in Texas and the Midwest,” Palacios said in the release. “We are also open to offering 3PL services that include storage, ripening, bagging and distribution to potential customers.”