Calgary, Alberta-based Thomas Fresh has developed new packaging for its water coconut and green mangoes.

The mangoes are packaged on black trays for “a richer, more premium look that creates an attractive package on shelves,” said Andrea Dubak, marketing specialist, who said similar international produce items are typically showcased on white trays.

The packaging also includes an eye-catching sticker with a catch phrase. The phrases inform shoppers about the product and how it can be used, since some consumers are unfamiliar with specialty or international items.

“Using trays, versus a box or bag, also helps us to be flexible with our product offerings to retailers,” Dubak said.

“For example, our current green mango package is 3-count, but we could do a 2- or 4-count if requested.”

Thomas Fresh’s water coconuts come with informative stickers on each for retail, and with the tops of the husks trimmed off.

“The water coconut is cut to help consumers have an easier time gaining access to the delicious coconut water inside,” Dubak said.