Gina Garven talks about what consumers want from an online grocery shopping experience in Episode 2 of the Tip of the Iceberg Podcast. ( Art by Alison Fulton; Photo courtesy Gina Garven )

Retailers know what it takes to sell fresh produce effectively in stores, but what does it take to sell fresh produce effectively online?

With millions more shoppers introduced to online grocery during the stay-at-home orders issued in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the question is more relevant now than ever, and Eden Prairie, Minn.-based Robinson Fresh has conducted research to better understand what people are looking for in an online grocery shopping experience.

Gina Garven, vice president of commercial development and analytics for Robinson Fresh, recently discussed those findings and more with The Packer and PMG, and that conversation is featured on Episode 2 of the new Tip of the Iceberg Podcast.

She and Ashley Nickle, retail editor for The Packer and editor for PMG magazine, talk about consumer preferences around product information, reviews, personal shoppers and more. Garven's view is that there is a huge amount of opportunity for retailers to improve the online experience for shoppers and give them signals like the ones they are used to seeing in stores: indicators of what's on sale, what's in-season and what's going to pair well together for a meal.

You can listen to their discussion, with an introduction from Nickle and The Packer's editor Tom Karst, at the player below or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or other popular platforms.

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