Tomra showcased its 5B sorting equipment upgrades at the Fruit Logistica expo , Feb. 5-7, in Berlin. ( Courtesy Tomra )

Tomra and its subsidiaries Tomra Food, Compac and BBC Technologies were busy at the Fruit Logistica exposition, showcasing new equipment at the international show.

Fruit Logistica was Feb. 5-7 in Berlin.

Tomra Food, which has sensor-based soring solutions for fresh produce and other food, showed Fruit Logistica its upgraded Tomra 5B sorting machine. The equipment is suitable for potatoes, fruit and fresh-cut produce, according to a news release.

Tomra revised the 5B sorter to enhance yields and profitability, according to the release, by improving it to remove small foreign materials from the lines and eliminating unnecessary disposal of good produce.

The equipment can move at the speed of two to five meters per second, with up to six cameras detecting imperfections as small as 1 mm.

“The new Tomra 5B sorting machine gives operators unprecedented levels of flexibility by offering a broad range of settings which are easy to control,” Jeffry Steemans, produce manager for the Tomra 5B, said in the release.The company also reviewed Compac’s next generation sorting platform, which has multi-lane sorting technology but also incorporates enhancements for food safety, according to the release.

The Compac sorter maximizes the balance between gentle fruit handling and hygiene, with food-contact components engineered for quick release to enable deep cleaning of the equipment.

The company featured BBC Technologies’ new CURO8 filling systems, introduced for companies who don’t require the capacity of the CURO12/CURO16 models, according to the release. The CURO8 system is for cherries, blueberries and small tomatoes on the packing line. It handles fruit gently and can fill 110 125-gram packs a minute.

BBC Technologies also showed its LUCAI artificial intelligence software designed to work with blueberry sorting equipment, processing up to 2,400 images of the fruit per second to enhance sorting accuracy, according to the release.

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