Jennifer Gerard, director of nutrition for Monterery Peninsula Unified School District, plans to cycle 275 miles in four days with the Tour de Fresh in effort to bring salad bars into more school districts.
The Tour de Fresh is scheduled for Oct. 19-22.
From 2012 to 2014, the United Fresh Start Foundation gave 22 schools in the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District with salad bars through the ‘Let"s Move Salad Bars to Schools" program, according to a news release.
Last year the Tour de Fresh raised more than $142,000 and placed more than 40 salad bars in communities in 11 states, according to the release.
This year, Gerard is looking to raise those numbers.
Gerard is set to ride from Hickory, N.C., to Atlanta. She will ultimately be joined by more than 50 riders. The goal of the event is to raise funds for 100 salad bars, according to Cindy Jewell, California Giant Berry Farms" vice president of marketing.
"We"re seeing the impact of Tour de Fresh come full circle because of Jenn"s commitment to supporting the cause after seeing its success ... in her own district," Jewell said in the release.
Gerard says the opportunity to work with ‘Let"s Move Salad Bars to Schools" in order to bring in more fresh produce to the district, has been a grateful one.
"We believe in supporting other schools through Tour de Fresh because we"ve seen the positie impact that ths program has on our students" health and education - we want that for every school," she said.
Congressman Sam Farr says when movements such as Tour de Fresh and ‘Let"s Move Salad Bars to Schools" are supported, the next generation is set up for success.
"Our children spend the majority of their day at school, so it"s important that we provide them with the tools to make healthey decisions when they"re not at home," he said in the release.
So far $5,145 has been raised. 
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