( Logo courtesy Tozer Seeds America )

U.S. grocery aisles can soon display darker-green celery hybrids sourced from Tozer Seeds America LLC, Santa Maria, Calif.

The company is launching its celery hybrids, including TZ 6200, TZ 0295, Hadrian, Hudson and Rivalry, before January ends for the winter season, according to a Tozer news release.

Hudson and Rivalry, the newest darker-green celery varieties, have had a high-yield season and are showing good resistance to diseases such as fusarium, according to the news release.

These hybrids also have great holding ability and flavor, according to Tozer. 

“Our main goal is to lead the market with constant variety improvements, which we hope will help the grower and the end consumer as well,” Kraig Kuykendall, Tozer sales manager, said in the news release.

Tozer Seeds America is the U.S. branch of Tozer Seeds, a family-owned company in the United Kingdom specializing in the breeding, production and distribution of vegetable seeds. According to the news release, the company created Kalettes, a kale and Brussels sprouts hybrid vegetable.

Tozer’s celery breeding program began in the late 1980s and launched Victoria, one of the world’s first celery hybrids, according to the news release.