Frieda's Inc. is encouraging retailers to add Stokes Purple Sweet potatoes, colored cauliflower and other specialty vegetables to summer grilling displays. ( Courtesy Frieda's Inc. )

Consumers are attracted to stores that stock tropical specialty fruit, according to new research from Frieda’s Inc., Los Alamitos, Calif.

“Based on our own research, in partnership with C+R Research, we know that 66% of shoppers say they want to try new tropical fruits this summer,” said Alex Berkley, sales manager for Frieda’s.
In fact, she said that same research shows consumers are more likely to shop at stores that carry specialty tropical products such as dragon fruit (38%), young coconuts (35%) and jackfruit (30%). 

In a survey by C+R Research in partnership with Frieda’s, she said 38% of shoppers say they are more likely to shop at stores that carry red dragon fruit and 62% of shoppers say the fruit is worth paying more for, compared to traditional white-fleshed dragon fruit.

“We are very excited about the red dragon fruit from Nicaragua that is about to arrive at Frieda’s,” she said.

Berkley said Frieda’s is encouraging retailers to add new grilling options to their summer sets, including Stokes Purple sweet potatoes, colored cauliflower, shishito peppers and graffiti eggplant

The company offers a variety of recipes for tropical items at

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