New York-based Trucco is importing red kiwifruit from Italy. ( Trucco )

Make room for red kiwifruit.

New York-based importer Trucco is now marketing red kiwifruit from Italy.

Trucco is an importer of kiwifruit from Italy and also is known for imports of Italian chestnuts, garlic, fresh figs, citrus and dried fruits and nuts, according to a news release.

With green, gold, organic and now red kiwifruit, the release said Trucco is well-equipped to provide U.S. consumers with a more diverse selection of kiwifruit than ever before.

Trucco’s red kiwifruit is now available in limited quantities, according to the release, and its future distribution will be evaluated as the variety is discovered by consumers.

The recent success of the gold varieties, in the U.S. and globally, has pushed the industry to look at kiwifruit in a different way, according to the release.

“Changing consumer trends has brought kiwifruit mainstream and will open opportunities for this unusual colored fruit to succeed,” the company said in the release.

The outward appearance of the red kiwifruit is similar to the smooth-skinned gold kiwifruit, according to the release. The fruit’s interior features a distinctive red core and offers a hints of berry in the sweet kiwi taste, according to the release.

“While still in the early stages Trucco is excited for the possibilities the new variety brings,” the company said in the release. For more information about the red kiwifruit program, contact Sasha Lopresti at [email protected]


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