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While melon and tomato shipments from South Carolina encountered a slight shortage of trucks, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s June 26 truck rate report found adequate to surplus conditions in other shipping districts.

The report said price changes for spot truck rates in Nogales, Ariz., ranged from a 16% drop in rates to Chicago to 2% increase to Dallas. California’s Kern district, Oxnard district and Salinas regions were unchanged to 3% higher, according to the report. Truck rates in Southern California were unchanged to 5% higher, depending on destination, according to the report.

Truck rates in Florida were unchanged to 17% lower, the USDA reported. In South Carolina, the report said truck rates to Baltimore were 31% higher in the June 26 report. Rates from South Carolina to Chicago rose by 19%, according to the report, while rates to New York and Boston from South Carolina were flat compared with a week ago.