( Courtesy United Apple Sales )

Lyndonville, N.Y.-based United Apples Sales — part of Crunch Time Apple Growers, a New York group certified to grow and market the proprietary Ruby Frost apple — has developed a comprehensive plan to extend the market for the new variety.

Since Cornell University developed and debuted the apple in 2014, Ruby Frost has been characterized by its late-season balance of sweet and tart flavors and its delicate, but firm, texture, according to a United Apple Sales news release.   

The company has developed a way to manage inventories and its controlled-atmosphere program to give retail partners a market advantage with Ruby Frost late in the season, according to the release.

Ward Dobbins, fourth-generation grower and owner of United Apple Sales, said in the release that it’s easy to load the system with fruit and then quickly run through inventory in a short period, but that doesn’t really help retailers.  

“With our (controlled atmosphere) expertise, Ruby Frost’s flavor and quality holds extremely well into the summer season at a time when some varieties start losing their ‘pop,’” Dobbins said in the release. 

Ruby Frost’s storage qualities have helped United Apple leverage the crop with some of its export partners in the Middle East and Canada, according to the release.

Ruby Frost is a strong asset to the spring and summer apple offerings with its long shelf life and great keeping ability, United Apple Sales director Brett Baker said in the release. 

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