( Courtesy United Fresh Produce Association )

Although the trade show experience was all online at United Fresh LIVE!, some attendees spent a lot of time visiting different booths.

The United Fresh Produce Association awarded attendees who “collected” the most badges, as well as others who took part in puzzles and trivia. More than 7,500 active users participated in the virtual experience June 15-19.

The top badge collectors, receiving $100 gift cards are:

  • Fiza Jabeen, BrightFarms;
  • John Savidan, Gelson’s Markets;
  • Dianna Rodriguez, Desert Pacific Growers/Covilli Brand Organics;
  • Peter Steinbrick, Melissa’s/World Variety Produce; and
  • Mark Munger, 4Earth Farms.

Badge collectors receiving $50 gift cards are:

  • Kyle Griffith, Pete’s;
  • Dez Forsythe, National Produce Consultants LLC;
  • Brandon Bentley, Tops Friendly Markets;
  • Chyer Kim, Virginia State University; and
  • Ali McKenzie, Violet Gro Inc.

Attendees who solved puzzles submitted by platinum sponsors the fastest received $100 gift cards:

  • Andrew Even, Walmart;
  • Sarah Krzysik, Nature Fresh Farms; and
  • Annie Faller, Fresh Venture Foods.

Puzzle solvers receiving $50 gift cards are:

  • Sandie Law, US Foods;
  • Megan Shieh, student; and
  • Lilian Diep, AndNowUKnow

Trivia winners of $100 gift cards are:

  • Ryan Ellison, K-VA-T Food Stores Inc.;
  • Ashley Klotz, Duda Farm Fresh Foods; and
  • Pete Barretta, K-VA-T Food Stores Inc.

Trivia winners of $50 gift cards are:

  • Connor Neary, Mission Produce Inc.;
  • Michael Sein, Martin’s Supermarkets; and
  • Abel Reynoso, Albertsons.

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