( Courtesy UnitedAg )

UnitedAg, a multi-commodity member-owned agricultural trade association dedicated to providing healthcare solutions, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

The organization is hosting a series of virtual events through the year.

“Reflecting on the past 40 years, we at UnitedAg are filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment,” Kirti Mutatkar, president and CEO, said in a news release. “With the help of meaningful relationships, support, and feedback from our membership, we have made an instrumental impact in the agricultural healthcare industry in a powerful and meaningful way.”

UnitedAg represents more than 55,000 farmworkers and has grown to over $198 million in annual contributions.

The organization’s annual silent auction, which raises funds for the UnitedAg Education Foundation, will be a virtual event Aug. 14-20. Its Annual Health Benefits Forum is Aug. 20.

The group has an anniversary video that looks back on its history, and includes anniversary wishes from long-standing members.

“The foundation that was laid 40 years ago was strong, and we’ve continued to build on it every year since,” chairman A.J. Cisney said in the release. “It has been my honor to serve as chairman during such an exciting time.”

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