Urban Produce opens growing facility

Urban Produce opens growing facilityUrban Produce LLC is opening its first patented high-density vertical growing system.

Urban Produce will grow USDA organic leafy greens and all types of live and cut produce, according to a news release.

The company will offer 28 varieties of microgreens, a variety of different basil products, bok choy, wheatgrass, strawberries, mint and herbs to major retailers, foodservice operations and chefs.

The growing system was developed as a sustainable alternative to to traditional agriculture. The system uses hydroponics in a controlled environment. The patented technology takes the best of hydroponics and increase the yield by stacking produce vertically in a closed, automated environment, according to the release.

"Our patented growing technology allows us to grow the equivalent of 16 acres of produce on just a one-eighth acre footprint, all while reducing water usage by 90% as compared to traditional row farming," Ed Horton, president and chief executivev officer, said in the release. "Imagine the tremendous short-term benefit to locally grown, organic produce using less water while reducing our carbon footprint and bringing jobs to local communities. Now, imagine that 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year...the long-term benefits are absolutely incredible."



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