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2020 total apple production is off 3.4% compared last season’s output, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated on Aug. 12.

The fresh and processed apple crop production estimate for 2020 is 253.6 million (42-pound) cartons, down from 262.3 million cartons in 2019, according to the USDA’s August crop production estimate.

Forecast apple production this season is expected to be lower in all states except Oregon, the USDA. 

Michigan had a cool to cold late winter that delayed the development of spring buds and some orchards there suffered a severe freeze in early May, the USDA said in their estimate summary.

The USDA’s 2020 estimates for fresh and processed apples, in 42-pound cartons, with percent change from the 2019 crop:

  • California: 6.42 million cartons, down 11.5%;
  • Michigan: 21.9 million cartons, down 2.8%;
  • New York: 30.9 million cartons, down 1.6%
  • Oregon: 4.28 million cartons, up 20%;
  • Pennsylvania: 10 million cartons, down 17.2%’
  • Virginia: 3.8 million cartons, 15.8%; and
  • Washington: 176.2 million cartons, down 2.7%.

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