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The contraction of U.S. foodservice business in April because of the COVID-19 crisis apparently contributed to a steep fall in U.S. fruit and vegetable imports, according to new trade numbers.

U.S. imports of fresh vegetables in April were $770.2 million, down 25% from March and off 6.5% from April 2019, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Imports of fruit (both fresh and frozen) in April were $1.27 billion, off 23% from March and down 17% from April 2019, according to the USDA.

By commodity, imports of U.S. fresh produce in April, with percent change from April 2019, were:

  • Berries (excluding strawberries: $284.9 million, up 3%;
  • Bananas: $216 million, no change;
  • Avocados: $191 million, down 41%;
  • Tomatoes: $185 million, down 13%;
  • Peppers: $150 million, down 8%;
  • Grapes: $145 million, down 20%;
  • Strawberries: $118 million, no change;
  • Melons: $86 million, down 31%;
  • Cucumbers: $78 million, up 3%;
  • Pineapples: $50 million, down 25%; and
  • Mangoes: $48 million, down 17%.



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Submitted by Gary r wiltbank on Fri, 06/12/2020 - 08:52

Interesting that food imports are down at this point. As previously stated, I am a small niche mushroom producer from new york state. I currently lost my supplier of shiitake logs, oakshire inc. , they appear to be the last producer of pre starts in the USA, it appears that now most of not all of these logs are produced in china and due to the fact they are harvested within our borders they can be labeled produce of usa, some I have seen labeled as organic. How can the USDA scrutinize our growers yet allow whatever arrives from outside our borders be labeled as it is, what happened to country of origin labeling. What else is being labeled this way, are there any credible people left who have not sold out, if the imported product is credible, why is it not labeled product of actual country of origin. Wake up people, we are talking food that you put in your mouth. Google oakshire mushroom farm for previous news clips, oakshire had an incredible quality product, now they are done. Do not tell me a government agency has okayed this makes it alright, government has also labeled cigarettes carcinogenic, yet they are still available every where. Thanks for reading, gary