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The U.S. Department of Agriculture has cited J&R Fresh Produce LLC for failing to pay for more than $280,000 worth of produce.

USDA’s Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act enforcement division sanctioned the Tampa, Fla.-based company last February for failing to pay a $45,101 award in favor of a Virginia seller. USDA then filed an administrative action against J&R Fresh Produce in March for failing to pay $281,225 to seven sellers for 30 lots of produce which was purchased, received and accepted in interstate commerce from August 2015 through June 2016.

The company had the chance to request a hearing at that time.

Now that USDA has ruled the company violated PACA rules, J&R Fresh Produce LLC cannot operate in the produce industry for two years, until Jan. 10, 2020, when it can reapply for a PACA license.

Shaheed Ackbar, the company’s principal, may not be employed by any PACA licensee for a year, and then only with a surety bond.