( Courtesy USDA )

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, through its Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, has removed a Mexican fruit fly quarantine area in Harlingen, Texas.

APHIS and the Texas Department of Agriculture established the quarantine that restricted interstate movement of regulated articles on Feb. 3 after multiple detections of adult and larval Mexflies, according to a news release.

Since then, three Mexfly life cycles have elapsed with no additional detections. The 162-square-mile area included almost 2,300 acres of commercial citrus. The area’s citrus harvest is just starting for the season in a few weeks.

APHIS continues to work with the Texas ag department to eradicate Mexflies in a quarantined area of Brownsville, in Cameron County, according to the release. Maps of fruit fly quarantines are available on the APHIS website.

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