USDA surveys organic agricultureThe U.S. Department of Agriculture is conducting a new survey of organic agriculture.

The USDA"s National Agricultural Statistics Service will mail the survey in January to all known organic producers in the U.S., according to a news release from the agency.

The survey ask about organic production during 2014, as well as marketing practices, income and expenses, according to the release. The survey will be targeted at organic farms and farms that are making the transition to organic agriculture, according to the release.

"The organic survey comes in direct response to the continued interest in organics among consumers, producers, businesses, and others," Vic Tolomeo, director of the NASS Pacific Regional Field Office, said in the release. "This is an opportunity for organic producers to provide more detailed data to help provide the industry with a reliable source of information to use in justifying research projects and fund requests for the continued growth and sustainability of organic farming and ranching in the United States."

Tolomeo said in the release that the results of the survey will help shape future agency decisions regarding farm policy, funding allocations, availability of goods and services. He said the information from the survey will help growers make informed decisions about their operations.

Producers can fill out the survey online, Recipients are required to respond by mail by Feb. 13 or online by April 3.