Van Groningen &amp Sons Inc. has completed construction of a 1 megawatt photovoltaic solar energy system at its Manteca, Calif., packing, cooling and processing facility.

Designed and installed by Stockton, Calif.-based Renewable Technologies Inc., it"s one of the first to take advantage of the net meter aggregation policy recently approved by the California Public Utility Commission. The policy allows for multiple meters to be offset by the production of a single photovoltaic solar production system.

Van Groningen &amp Sons grows, ships and distributes melons, sweet corn, pumpkins and nuts.

Renewable Technologies worked with Paul Hiemstra, warehouse manager, to aggregate 26 electric meters, satisfying the facility"s electrical demand, and numerous irrigation pumps across several hundreds of acres of farmland, according to a news release.

The solar technology will generate more than 1.4 million kilowatt hours. It"s expected to offset about 1,034 metric tons of carbon dioxide – equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions produced by 218 cars.

It sits atop two processing buildings.