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Mango importers and handlers will be voting on whether to continue the Mango Promotion, Research and Information Order, and if frozen should continue to be part of the program.

The mango industry votes on the program every five years as directed in its bylaws. Frozen mangoes were added to the order in mid-2019 after stakeholders in the fresh and frozen mango industry voted for the inclusion.

The five-year vote will be Sept. 21-Oct. 9, according to a news release. Eligibility to vote goes to first handlers who have received 500,000 or more pounds of fresh mangoes from growers, and importers who have brought at least 500,000 pounds of fresh mangoes or 200,000 or more pounds of frozen fruit.
Anyone eligible to vote but hasn’t received a ballot by Oct. 2 should contact referendum agent Marlene Betts at 202-720-5057/9915 or [email protected]

There will be two ballot questions, one for the continuation of the order, which will be counted first. If that vote is successful, the second vote on frozen mangoes will be counted.

For more information on the referendum, see the notice in the Federal Register.

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