( Image courtesy Wada Farms Marketing Group )

Ben Josephson has returned to Wada Farms Marketing Group LLC as sales director after having stepped away temporarily, said Eric Beck, marketing director with the Idaho Falls, Idaho-based potato grower-shipper.

Josephson took a “short stint” in the fresh-cut flower industry, working for a family business, and returned to Wada Farms in October 2019, Beck said.

Wada Farms is focusing on organics these days, Beck said.

“Our program continues to gain velocity with new and existing customers,” he said.

Wada’s organic program is unique in two ways, Beck said.

“First, we provide consolidation opportunities for those customers that are looking to get a bit of ‘everything’ on their truck,” he said. 

“Some can’t take a full truckload of organics, or just want a few pallets of each variety; Wada can help facilitate those needs through our supply chain services. It’s in the details and paying attention to the customer’s supply chain needs that sets Wada apart in helping customers build their organic programs.”

The second feature, Beck said, is that Wada Farms’ organic program is “nearly year-round.”

Wada Farms’ organic program will continue to grow in 2020, he said.

Wada has also grown its commodity portfolio to include watermelons, Beck said.

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