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The latest estimate for the Washington apple crop is 138.2 million fresh packed boxes, up slightly from the August forecast.

“Although late season cold weather decreased totals for some later harvested varieties, larger totals on earlier varieties and excellent quality that is contributing to strong packouts kept the projected overall fresh crop very close to the earlier forecast,” said Jon DeVaney, president of the Yakima, Wash.-based Washington State Tree Fruit Association. “It is clear that the 2019 apple crop is showing excellent eating quality which is being reflected in strong weekly shipment numbers,” he said.

At 138.2 million boxes, the November estimate is up less than 1% from the August forecast and 18% higher than  the 116.7 million carton crop of 2018.

By share of the crop, the association reported the top six Washington fresh apple varieties this year, compared with a year ago, are:

  • Gala: 23.5% , down from 23.6% a year ago:
  • Red delicious: 19.7%, down from 24.2% last year;
  • Fuji: 13.1%, compared with 13% last year;
  • Granny smith: 12.8%, up from 11.6% last year;
  • Honeycrisp: 12.5%, up from 10.4% a year ago; and
  • Golden delicious: 5.5%, up from 3.9% last year.


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