( Courtesy National Watermelon Promotion Board )

The National Watermelon Promotion Board has launched an updated website, watermelon.org, featuring more content that promotes return visits for consumers looking for recipes, nutrition information and more.

Although the site is consumer-focused, the content is helpful for retailers and foodservice operators as well, according to a news release.

It’s the website’s first redesign since 2015 and includes:

  • Customizable pages;
  • Animations;
  • Recipe and carving information that are coded for searches;
  • Enhanced SEO and organic search perspective to drive site traffic;
  • Navigation that promotes quicker and more digestible engagement.

“Generally speaking, we uplifted the design aesthetic to be much more vivid and to align more with people’s lifestyles and behaviors,” Stephanie Barlow, senior director of communications for the watermelon board, said in the release. “We bridged many diverse audience groups and defined smart sections that tailor messaging and content to exactly their specific wants and needs, reducing the friction. Although consumer-focused, the website speaks to retailers, foodservice and more.”

According to consumer research, shoppers are unsure what to do with the whole melon, and the new site provides valued at-home resources according to the release.

“Now, more than ever, consumers value at-home resources,” said Barlow. “Our recipes and carvings pages have historically made up about 50% of the site traffic, and now we have easier access to those resources stretching the value of the watermelon as more than a sweet treat, but a healthy choice that offers diverse options to use that whole watermelon.” 

The site had a soft launch in February.

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