( Graphic by Amelia Freidline )

For the third week in a row, watermelons have held the top spot as the most searched commodity on Produce Market Guide. Oranges slipped to third as cucumbers gained the No. 2 spot, and avocados and cabbage rounded out the top 5, jumping from the No. 7 and No. 10 spots the week before.

The Produce Market Guide platform connects produce buyers and sellers. Below, find the top 20 searched commodities on Produce Market Guide during the week of June 3.

Limes vaulted into the No. 9 slot the week of June 3, and searchers also showed a lot of interest in bananas — particularly the burro variety — making that fruit the No. 10 most popular. Summer squash also made an appearance the week of June 3, in the No. 15 spot.