What's On Ad - Aug 13
Ashley Nickle ( The Packer )

More than 14,000 stores promoted cantaloupes the week ended Aug. 9.

Other popular produce items included peaches and plums, each on ad at more than 12,000 stores. Mangoes, red seedless and white seedless grapes were each promoted at more than 11,000 stores.

The top items by region were:

  • Northeast – peaches (3,023 stores)
  • Southeast – cantaloupes (4,851 stores)
  • Midwest – cantaloupes (2,493 stores)
  • South Central – mangoes (2,371 stores)
  • Southwest – white seedless grapes (1,933 stores)
  • Northwest – plums (603 stores)

Sweet corn was on ad at more stores across the U.S. than any other vegetable, with more than 8,000 stores promoting it.

On the organic side, the top item was red seedless grapes, on ad at nearly 6,000 stores.


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