What's On Ad - Aug 5
Ashley Nickle ( The Packer )

Peaches have surpassed cherries as the most popular produce item on ad, with more than 16,700 stores putting the seasonal sweet on ad for the week ended Aug. 2.

Cantaloupes were not far behind, with more than 16,200 stores promoting them.

For both peaches and cantaloupes, promotions were much more prevalent this year than for the same week in 2018. Last year, the numbers for the week were 13,100-plus for peaches and roughly 11,900-plus for cantaloupes. Conversely, red seedless grapes were on ad much less for the week this year compared to 2018 — roughly 12,800 stores this year versus more than 18,700 stores last year.

Bananas were the top organic produce item being promoted, with more than 5,000 stores putting them on ad.

Among vegetables, zucchini led the list with more than 9,000 stores promoting it, while broccoli came in second, on ad at nearly 7,000 stores.


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