The First Kiss apple will be available to shoppers in the Twin Cities area. ( Courtesy Honeybear Brands )

Don’t blush, but Honeybear Brands’ First Kiss apples are appearing in stores.

It’s the first time the variety will be available commercially in the Midwest, with a limited supply Twin Cities Lunds & Byerly’s stores starting Labor Day weekend, according to a news release.

The scarlet apple is a Honeycrisp descendant with a tart flavor. It’s an early-harvest apple developed by the University of Minnesota, grown by family farms and packed under the Honeybear Brands label.

“For consumers, we think this new variety may even be as memorable as their first kiss,” Don Roper, vice president sales and marketing at Honeybear Brands, said in a news release. “We’re looking forward to seeing their reactions. We are also excited to do what we do best – take a fledgling new variety with massive potential and, over time, turn it into a star brand and top performer for our retail partners.”

Honeybear Brands has been doing that since developing the Pazazz, according to the company, which charted the apples 300% growth

“We’ve been doing that since the introduction of Honeycrisp and more recently our own, in-house developed variety, Pazazz, which this year grew 300% at retail,” said Don Roper, vice president of sales and marketing at Honeybear Brands, in the release.

First Kiss will be available in very limited supply starting Labor Day weekend. For more information on Honeybear Brands or retail opportunities visit, according to the company.