Wholesale Produce Supply's vegetable bowl line has four options: Tuscan, Sriracha, Mediterranean and Southwest. ( Courtesy Wholesale Produce Supply )

Wholesale Produce Supply has a new line of plant-based protein vegetable bowls under the Nora and Ashley brand.

The global inspired flavors pair with a different plant-based protein, and the company worked with culinary professionals to create the new products. They are available at select stores in the Midwest.

The 12-ounce bowls contain a spice packet and fresh ingredients:

  • Tuscan — red kidney beans, cauliflower rice, matchstick carrots and diced zucchini;
  • Sriracha — red kidney beans, cauliflower rice, broccoli rice, green onions and red peppers;
  • Mediterranean — chickpeas, cauliflower rice, and diced tomatoes and cucumbers; and
  • Southwest — black beans, cauliflower rice, roasted corn, butternut squash and green onions.

“We found that consumers are seeking out good flavor, high protein and convenience,” Reed Sibet, vice president of sales and marketing at Wholesale Produce Supply, Minneapolis, in a news release. “We created these veggie bowl with a flavorful punch to continue to stay on top of the flavor trend.”

The company also has new packaging for its line of seasoned vegetable plates.

“There’s a need now to create clearer differentiation for consumers between the Original Plates, Season Plates and Veggie Bowls,” Sibet said in the release. “The new packaging looks sharp and allows us to highlight the freshness of our vegetable noodles and vegetable rices.”

Nora and Ashley products are made locally, and the company donates a portion of sales to hunger-related charities where its products are sold, according to the release.