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Amado, Ariz.-based Wholesum is introducing top-seal packaging for its organic tomatoes-on-the-vine

The new top-seal pack will make its debut at the Produce Marketing Association’s virtual Fresh Summit expo Oct. 13-15, according to a news release.

“Our organic tomatoes-on-the-vine have been a staple item with our customers for many years,” Ricardo Crisantes, chief commercial officer, said in the release. “We are very excited to make the shift to top-seal packaging to align better with our customer’s needs, especially with the surge of online grocery sales.”

The pack will bring convenience to retailers and consumers, he said in the release.
Each pack contains a 1-pound cluster of tomatoes-on-the-vine, with four or five tomatoes in each pack, according to the release.

The tray and film are made of recycled PET, and the entire package is fully recyclable.
Organic tomatoes-on-the-vine represents the fifth Wholesum item to transition to top-seal packaging, according to the release. Last year Wholesum launched the Flavor Lineup, a specialty organic snacking tomato line, in top-seal packaging. 

The top-seal packaging allows the pack to be stackable or propped up on the shelf.

“At Wholesum we are always thinking of creative ways to update our current products and packaging,” Crisantes said in the release. “We are looking forward to launching more sustainable and innovative lines in the near future.”


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