The Wonderful Co. said sales of its arils have been strong. ( File Photo )

Los Angeles-based The Wonderful Co. has seen continued sales growth for its branded Pom Poms pomegranate arils.

When the season ended in late January, shipments were up 37% over the previous season, according to the company.

Wonderful reported that effective strategies for growth include keeping product in stock at primary and secondary display locations and pairing Pom Poms with berries and fresh-cut fruit. Merchandising arils with more familiar items helps attract new customers, according to the company.

Wonderful describes its Pom Poms as “ready-to-eat pomegranates” and a way to bring the fruit to shoppers looking for convenience.

The company also sells Pom Wonderful pomegranate juice. That product is available year-round and saw double-digit growth in 2017, according to Wonderful.