( The Wonderful Co. )

Los Angeles-based The Wonderful Co. is set to debut a new pistachio variety — “natural raw.”

The company is rolling out new product in response to demand for nuts that are not roasted or salted, according to a news release.

The variety will be available in produce departments starting in February.

“The ‘natural raw’ process maintains the raw properties of the pistachio nut that some of our consumers are looking for,” Adam Cooper, vice president of marketing, said in the release. “In fact, consumers are showing an increased desire for raw nuts, with 62% of all nut buyers purchasing raw nuts in the past year. Among this group, nearly 80% expressed interest in buying Natural Raw Wonderful Pistachios.

“With this clear consumer in mind, Wonderful Pistachios Natural Raw was a natural extension to our portfolio,” Cooper said.

The marketing push for the product will include wood-look point-of-sale displays that have increased sales velocity for other Wonderful pistachio varieties. The company will also promote the new product on its digital platforms and through public relations efforts.