Wonderful Pistachios The Next Big Thing campaign features commercials starring Pro Football Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez (pictured) and Olympic weightlifter Kendrick Farris. ( Wonderful Pistachios )

A $20 million advertising campaign will help consumers think of Wonderful Pistachios when they are looking for a plant protein.

Los Angeles-based Wonderful Pistachios launched the campaign, called The Next Big Thing, with commercials starring Pro Football Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez and Olympic weightlifter Kendrick Farris, according to Adam Cooper, senior vice president of marketing at The Wonderful Co. 

“We really want to take advantage of this inflection (point) that people are now feeling, that plant protein is a healthier protein, a protein that’s better for the world and better for them,” Cooper said. “We really want to capitalize that on that trend, and this campaign is all about that.”

Wonderful Pistachios is highlighting the campaign at the Produce Marketing Association’s virtual Fresh Summit.

The campaign will show that successful athletes, like Farris and Gonzalez have plant-based diets.
“We really want to show to show people that ‘Elite athletes can benefit from plant protein, so why can’t you?,’” Cooper said.

The campaign will span media channels including television, public relations, social media and in-store media.

“We’re going to be everywhere with it,” Cooper said Oct. 14. 

Six comedic commercials feature Gonzalez or Farris eating Wonderful Pistachios as their go-to source for plant protein, according to a news release. The Next Big Thing is the brand’s first campaign to feature in-shell pistachios and No Shells together and will air on television throughout the football season.

The campaign is timed to the holidays, the release said, a key selling period for Wonderful Pistachios and a time when consumers make health-focused New Year’s resolutions.

Wonderful Pistachios No Shells is available in Roasted & Salted, Lightly Salted, Chili Roasted, and Honey Roasted. In-shell varieties include Roasted & Salted, Lightly Salted, No Salt, Natural Raw, Salt & Pepper, and Sweet Chili. Next spring, Wonderful Pistachios will introduce two new flavors: BBQ and Sea Salt & Vinegar. 

“They taste amazing, and they are going to really deliver for all the salty snack fans that love those flavors, and they will get their plant protein and a much healthier way,” Cooper said of the new flavors.

Cooper said the California pistachio crop in 2020 is good-sized, allowing good promotion opportunities.

“We’re going to probably hit a new record crop for the industry of over a billion pounds and we’re going to be able to be more aggressive,” he said.

The No Shells pistachio business has grown 20% to 30% in the last year, driven by introduction last summer of the Chili Roasted and Honey Roasted flavors. 

About 10% of U.S. shoppers buy No Shells pistachios and about 20% of shoppers purchase in-shell pistachios, leaving plenty of room for both categories to grow, Cooper said.

More information about Wonderful Pistachios, “The Next Big Thing” campaign is available online at GetCrackin.com, Facebook at /WonderfulPistachios, and Instagram at @WonderfulPistachios.


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Eat plant based proteins because they are good for you. Check
Eat plant based proteins because you like them. Check Check
Eat plant based proteins because they are better for the planet. BS