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Wonderful Pistachios is hosting a plant-based event on nutrition, culinary applications and leadership dialogue.

The Plant-Based Nutrition Leadership Symposium is April 15-16 in Los Angeles. According to the website, the event is sold out.

“Plant-based eating is gaining momentum, and over the past five years the number of people striving to eat less meat has nearly doubled,” Maggie Moon, nutrition director for The Wonderful Co., said in a news release. “This symposium will equip credible nutrition experts with the tools they need to guide the way toward an inclusive movement that helps more people enjoy healthy plant-based eating.”

As the trend grows, so does consumer confusion on plant-based diets and nutrition, according to the release, including concerns of not eating enough protein. Dietitians can help dispel myths and provide strategies to help consumers make snack and meal decisions.

“Snacks are an overlooked opportunity to get more plant protein,” Adam Cooper, senior vice president of marketing at The Wonderful Co. “Pistachios are the go-to portable plant protein, and nuts deserve more credit overall as a great plant-based protein solution.” 

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