Speakers at Wonderful Pistachios' web seminar are Christopher Gardner, Stanford University, Maggie Moon and Adam Cooper from Wonderful Pistachios. ( Courtesy Wonderful Pistachios )

Wonderful Pistachios, Los Angeles, is presenting a web seminar to promote plant-based protein.

The company, which champions whole-food plant-based proteins, according to a news release, is focusing on educating retailers and dietitians, according to a news release.

The event starts at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Oct. 9, with an hour-long educational session for registered dietitians in nutrition education. It is followed by a second hour-long session for sales executives, retail partners, and retail dietitians, which starts at 11 a.m. Eastern.

Christopher Gardner, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, will lead the seminar. Topics will include new approaches to defining protein quality, protein intake vs. needs, and the ideal balance fo plant protein and animal protein. The seminar will also include an in-depth look at the proteins in pistachios and how Wonderful Pistachios can continue to support the nutrition and retail communities, according to the release.

“Research shows consumers are looking for ways to incorporate more protein into their diet and we’re thrilled to be hosting this virtual seminar to discuss how eating plants can help meet those protein goals,” Adam Cooper, senior vice president of marketing for the Wonderful Co., said in the release. “We’re here to continue supporting the nutrition community and we’re proud of this latest step on that journey.”

Wonderful Pistachios presented its Plant-Based Nutrition Leadership Symposium in April 2019, bringing nutrition experts together to discuss plant-based diets.

"The popularity of plant-based eating is more than a trend, it’s here to stay with Wonderful Pistachios at the forefront of this important public health movement,” Maggie Moon, registered dietitian and senior director of nutrition communications for The Wonderful Co., said in the release. "This seminar will provide the opportunity to reach a wide group of nutrition professionals and educate retailers and dietitians on the value of plant protein and how snacking on Wonderful Pistachios fits into any healthy meal plan.”

Registration is available online through Oct. 2. Those who register by Sept. 25 will have the chance to win a swag bag.

Registered dietitians will receive one Continuing Professional Education Unit for completing the seminar.

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