A new video in a marketing campaign for no-shells pistachios features a naked statue looking for a convenient snack. ( The Wonderful Co. )

Los Angeles-based The Wonderful Co. has a new campaign around its no-shells pistachios.

The company recently revamped the product’s packaging and is now featuring the nuts — and classic works of art — in a campaign called “Sometimes, Naked Is Better.”

A video that will be online and shared via social media channels touts the convenience of the no-shells option.

“Wonderful Pistachios No Shells are popular among our consumers looking for a little convenience in their snacking and to easily use in recipes to add a little crunch and protein to their meals,” vice president of marketing Adam Cooper said in a news release. “Our No Shells brand has grown 40% over the past year to $150 million in retail sales. We are optimistic that the eye-catching new packaging and new dedicated campaign will accelerate the growth in this segment.”

The nuts are available in 2.5-ounce, 6-ounce, 12-ounce, 24-ounce and most recently 0.75-ounce packages.

“The displays for these new bags have a small footprint that are great for placement at checkout,” Cooper said in the release. “And we know 80% of shoppers are looking for healthier options at the register.”